sounds of my town - a sonic exploration of unity in cultural diversity

What's it About?

With a focus on the concept of Unity in Diversity the Sounds of My Town project explores the great variety of different cultures that exist in any one locality in England. Through music and sonic art it aims to highlight the colourful traditions of the multitude of ethnicities that co-exist in one place and thereby educate and bring a higher level of social cohesion and tolerance to those who are involved and to those who experience the resultant art.

What is the Project?

From its base of local field recordings composed into a sound-scape combined with electronic ambience, the music of Sounds of My Town moves gently and effortlessly between the traditional music of the cultures involved as the former and latter become entwined. Experienced either as an installation or as a standalone download, Sounds of My Town is a single piece of music of around 10-15 minutes. It allows the listener to become immersed in a sonic reflection of the wider environment in which they live but may never have considered. It is accompanied by video, photographic and written documentation which also forms part of the installation, website and other marketing materials.

Who’s Involved?

TOM LEITH - Songwriter / Composer / Producer After a short period of living in China the idea that to bring down boundaries between cultures, and thereby create a more tolerant and peaceful society, we must work together to bring about change was cemented in Tom’s consciousness. Applying this notion to music Tom come up with the concept for Sounds of My Town. The idea being that music from the different cultures of the people that live in one location is brought together and creates something which is more than the sum of it’s parts.

Tom is currently living in Whitstable, Kent while studying as a mature student for a BSc in Music Technology at the University of Kent. He originally started to his training in sound in 1995 and has been writing and performing music for over twenty years.